Daisekkei Sake Brewing Co. Ltd.


・Representative:Erika Usui




Our motto is “Insist on local rice and water, and make a sake the locals love as their own drink even better”, and we value careful sake brewing focused on high quality ingredients and the knowledge and experience of our brewers.


DAISEKKEI Junmaidaiginjo

・Rice variety : Yamadanishiki from Nagano

・Category : Junmaidaiginjo

・Alcohol degree : 15%

・Acidity : 1.2

・Rice polishing ratio : 35%

・Flavor : Light・Sweet

Other remarks

International Wine Challenge 2022 Silver Medal winner and Excellence Award consecutive winner at Liquor Appraisal Committee 2018-2022

2022年IWCシルバーメダル、2018~2022年酒類鑑評会 優秀賞連続受賞中。

DAISEKKEI Junmaiginjo

・Rice variety : Miyamanishiki from Nagano

・Category : Junmaiginjo

・Alcohol degree : 15%

・Acidity : 1.6

・Rice polishing ratio : 55%

・Flavor : Light・Med Dry

Other remarks

Pairs with seafood carpaccio and stir-fried shellfish in butter and soy sauce