Kurosawa Sake Brewery Co. Ltd.


・Representative:Takao Kurosawa




we strive to make sake that reflects and is characterized by the distinct local climate we can be proud of, and sake that can adjust its flavor to catch new trends with flexibility. Our unique kind of sake brewing is rooted in our local environment and food culture and we aim to share it from Nagano to the world.


MARUTO Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo SAKU1

・Rice variety : Hitogokochi from brewery’s rice paddies

・Category : Junmaidaiginjo

・Alcohol degree : 16.5%

・Acidity : 2.3

・Rice polishing ratio : 49%

・Flavor : Rich・Med Dry

Other remarks

Using brewer-grown rice and a local yeast strain “SAKU1”


MARUTO Junmai Kimoto

・Rice variety : Miyamanishiki from Nagano

・Category : Junmai

・Alcohol degree : 15%

・Acidity : 1.7

・Rice polishing ratio : 65%

・Flavor : Rich・Med Sweet

Other remarks

Kura Master 2020 Gold Medal winner
Using a traditional starter culture with lactic acid fermentation