Miyamoto Shuzouten Co. Ltd.


・Representative:Yuri Goto




Established in 1876. A little sake brewery run by just a husband and wife. The water we use is high quality spring water from Mt. Hakusan, and the sake rice is primarily Ishikawa-grown. Neither time nor effort is spared as we carefully brew each and every bottle.


MUJOU Gentei Junmaiginjo Genshu Silver

・Rice variety : Gohyakumangoku from Ishikawa

・Category : Junmaiginjo

・Alcohol degree : 16%

・Acidity : 1.5

・Rice polishing ratio : -

・Flavor : Light・Dry

Other remarks

Limited unfiltered, undiluted sake, recommended as table sake


MUJOU Hyakumangoku no Shiro Tokubetsujunmaishu

・Rice variety : Hyakumangokunoshiro from Ishikawa

・Category : Junmai

・Alcohol degree : 15%

・Acidity : 1.6

・Rice polishing ratio : -

・Flavor : Light・Med Dry

Other remarks

Pairs with sour or salty dishes