Senjo Brewery Co. Ltd.


・Representative:Takashi Kurogouchi




Senjo is a sake brewery founded over 150 years ago in Takato, Nagano. Takato is nationally renowned for the magical beauty of cherry blossoms. Our mission is to preserve the culture of rice fermentation for the future. We continue to take on challenges by utilizing a wide range of tradition and technology in rice fermentation.


KUROMATSU SENJO Junmai Unfiltered undiluted sake

・Rice variety : Hitogokochi from Nagano

・Category : Junmai

・Alcohol degree : 16%

・Acidity : 1.6

・Rice polishing ratio : 60%

・Flavor : Rich・Med Dry

Other remarks

The Fine Sake Awards Japan 2022 (Main Category) Gold Medal winner


KUROMATSU SENJO Junmaiginjo Kinmonnishiki

・Rice variety : Kinmonnishiki from Kijimadaira, Nagano

・Category : Junmaiginjo

・Alcohol degree : 16%

・Acidity : 1.4

・Rice polishing ratio : 50%

・Flavor : Rich・Med Dry

Other remarks

The Fine Sake Awards Japan 2023 (Premium Junmai Category) Gold Medal winner and GI Nagano Sake (Junmai category) certified

2023 WGOプレミアム純米部門金賞 GI長野認定 長野純米酒基準認定品