Shiokawa Sake Brewery Co. Ltd.


・Representative:Kazuhiro Shiokawa




Our brewery area is an earthen warehouse built in 1912. Our 25 cooling tanks make it possible to maintain low temperatures, and in recent years we have been trying to brew a new kind of sake for overseas.



・Rice variety : Rice from Niigata

・Category : Junmai

・Alcohol degree : 12%

・Acidity : 3.5

・Rice polishing ratio : 90%

・Flavor : Rich・Sweet

Other remarks

Acidic fruity flavor with a slight gold tinge


Kimotokei KODAI

・Rice variety : Black rice

・Category : Not specially designated

・Alcohol degree : 12.5%

・Acidity : 2.5

・Rice polishing ratio : 100%

・Flavor : Light・Med Dry

Other remarks

Milano Sake Challenge Gold Medal winner

Made from black rice, with a brilliant red tinge

古代米を使用 鮮やかな赤い色彩