Totsuka Sake Brewery Co. Ltd.


・Representative:Shigeru Totsuka




370 years in business. In its 16th generation, our sake brewery is one of the 3 oldest in Nagano. Our company motto is to brew sake that makes the most of the local climate with a dedication to quality, and we not only protect our traditions but also continue to undertake modern challenges, brewing good sake to soothe the hearts of those who drink it.


KANCHIKU Strage in wind cave Junmaidaiginjo

・Rice variety : Miyamanishiki from Nagano

・Category : Junmaidaiginjo

・Alcohol degree : 18%

・Acidity : 1.8

・Rice polishing ratio : -

・Flavor : Rich・Med Sweet

Other remarks

Aged for two years in Wind cave, a natural cold storage


KANCHIKU Aiyama Junmaiginjo

・Rice variety : Aiyama from Hyogo

・Category : Junmaiginjo

・Alcohol degree : 15.5%

・Acidity : 1.7

・Rice polishing ratio : -

・Flavor : Light・Med Dry

Other remarks

International Sake Challenge 2021 Silver Medal winner
Made from 100% Aiyama, a rice variety once used exclusively by another brewery