Yukawa Sake Brewery Co. Ltd.


・Representative:Naoko Yugawa




Located at an altitude of 936 m at the very start of the Kiso River, our sake brewery is closer to the stars than any other in Japan. Brewing techniques cultivated by this bitterly cold environment brew a taste that will remain in your memory, having both the palpable savoriness of the rice and light trailing notes.


KISOJI 30% Koji Junmaishu

・Rice variety : Hitogokochi&Miyamanishiki from Nagano

・Category : Junmai

・Alcohol degree : 16%

・Acidity : -

・Rice polishing ratio : -

・Flavor : Rich・Med Sweet

Other remarks

Pairs with dishes with sweetness and strong flavor like beef/lamb with nut sauce


16th KUROUEMON Yamahai Miyamanishiki 13

・Rice variety : Miyamanishiki from Nagano

・Category : Junmai

・Alcohol degree : 13%

・Acidity : -

・Rice polishing ratio : -

・Flavor : Rich・Med Dry

Other remarks

Undiluted sake with 13% alcohol, smooth in mouth